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Bill Czermak designed the Manufacturer's Integrated Production System (MIPS) to provide manufacturers with a computer system customised to their individual production methods. Having trained at Univac providing software for British European Airways and Lufthansa who each were able to process 30 seat bookings per second on a mainframe computer about as powerful as a Pentium I, Bill designed MIPS so that production personnel did not waste their time waiting for information from the computer.

This was most apparent when consultants convinced a MIPS user to use a better-known ERP package. Operations which took a few seconds with the MIPS system took 20 minutes on the consultant-recommended system. The cost of the new system was more than the customer had been charged for the MIPS system over the last 12 years. Some people learn the hard way.

There were two airline booking software systems. BOAC used a system running on IBM mainframes. BEA and Lufthansa used Univac equipment. The Univac system did a good job on less well-known, cheaper equipment. MIPS is designed to give good performance using a small server and is now marketed only as a web-based system.

MIPS functions as a fully integrated system and provides the following modules, a selection of which is customised to a business's unique requirements:

Inventory with customised part numbering.

Bill of Materials handling complex customisation.

Component Serialisation, Tracking and Warranty.

Production Control including outside contractors.

Materials System handling complex material types.

One-off Manufacturing and Quotations.

Short batch Manufacturing and Costings.

Production Costings.

Orders, Invoicing, Debtors and Sales Analysis.

Creditors, Purchasing and Purchase Analysis.

Multi-company General Ledger.

MIPS on the web is available on a module basis for customisation now. It took many years to develop the existing fully integrated system; we aim to install a single module and get it fully customised and doing the job it was meant to do. Then, as additional modules are wanted, the process can be repeated.