MIPS-ERPTM Special Offer

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MIPS, the Manufacturer's Integrated Production System is a comprehensive software package that has taken 25 years to develop. We aim to get it working fully as a web-based system. In the short term we will provide single modules, one at a time working well, to business that need a customised system in any area. The screenshoot of a typical MIPS menu from our Legacy system gives an overview of the areas MIPS covers.

We are happy to provide a few customised solutions to selected businesses who need a system at a bargain price. A genuine win/win situation.

MIPS has always been developed to meet market demand, so modules will be made available as people show interest. If you want custom development, then we would like to provide a MIPS system to do the job. Speak to Bill directly to find how to minise your risk by parnering with the MIPS team to adapt an existing MIPS module to meet your needs.

In these tough times, when the government says the economy is booming, we are offering special deals. You can realistically evalate our software and support with a web-based product using your own data at a fraction of the cost of using better known systems.